Do you crave sugar and sweets?

Well you are not alone. This is an oh so common challenge in our lives. In fact, it is thought to be the number one reason people “fall off the wagon” with the food they choose to eat.

Let’s talk about what drives these cravings.  Here are eight of them however there are many more.

  • Yeast infections. Yeast is chemically capable of making us crave sugar to feed itself. So, if we want these pesky infections to go away, we need to stop feeding them. That means 100% elimination of sugars/sweeteners, fruit juice, alcohol and anything made with flour. I know it’s tough, however it is critical.
  • Insulin resistance.These cravings can result from both high or low insulin levels.
  • Low serotonin. Not everyone has reduced serotonin levels however if we are on the oral contraceptive (OCP) , which results in a low vitamin B6, or an SSRI (type of anti-depressant) medication, we might struggle with controlling that impulse and surrender to these cravings.
  • An absence in our lives. Of rest, calm, acceptance, comfort, sleep, refuelling, affection or a stimulating job can trigger cravings.
  • Magnesium
  • Omega-3 fatty acids deficiency.
  • Alcohol intake or withdrawal.
  • Hypothyroid state.

If you suffer from sugar cravings try these tips:

  1. Eating more protein will help balance out blood sugar which will reduce cravings.
  2. Consuming more healthy fats found commonly in a Mediterranean diet will help you kick sugar addiction.
  3. Eating more fibre helps you stay full for longer, supports detoxification and can reduce candida or yeast symptoms in your body. Aim for 35-40 grams a day. Fibre is also important in helping with many other health issues common today. e.g. high blood pressure, constipation, heart disease and diabetes.
  4. Enjoying more sour or probiotic foods such as plain yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi and apple cider vinegar can decrease sugar cravings.

 So dear friends, if this is you, we are here to help.