Detox your home

Detox your home

Are you aware that your surroundings may contribute to you and your family’s health? An important part of maintaining and restoring good health is to address your environment and the impact it can have on a cellular level.

Potential sources of toxins I commonly find in clients seen in clinic include:

  • paints
  • water supply
  • chemicals used for cleaning in the home
  • gardening supplies
  • furniture which can release toxins, called “off-gassing” which can be harmful particularly when the item is brand new

So what can you do to help your body detoxify these toxins from the inside out?

Supply your body with plenty of phytonutrients. These are naturally occurring compounds found in plants which increase your body’s ability to detoxify. We have receptors in our gut lining for phytonutrients.
Examples are whole, real foods such as broccoli, bok choy, kale and Brussel sprouts. Foods which are high in antioxidants include dark, leafy green vegetables and berries are great choices.

Avoid plastics. These are commonly found in items such as disposable coffee cups, canned foods and even in supermarket receipts.
Bring your own keep-cup to the barista, buy tomatoes in jars or cartons and avoid touching the supermarket receipt.
Use glass or stainless steel for a water bottle and to store leftovers in. Rather than buying water in a plastic bottle, install a water filter at home – I have a reverse osmosis water filter installed at the kitchen sink.

Avoid mercury in foods you eat. Choose smaller fish like sardines or cold water fish such as salmon or mackerel. These fish have lower mercury levels than some of the big fish such as tuna and swordfish. For fruits and vegetables select organic where you can to minimise exposure to environmental toxins.

Look at your cleaning products and personal care lotions and potions. Where you can, make changes to use natural, simple products. These can include easily available items such as vinegar and baking soda for cleaning the house. For personal care, coconut oil is natural and smells great. It can be used for make up removal and moisturising.
Just think, if you would be ok eating the product you’re using then it’s safe for your skin.

Finally get moving! We can detoxify through exercising and sweating. Find a buddy and get out into the fresh air or try a sauna or steam room.

So make your life cleaner for yourself and your family. Look into where you can combine a whole-foods diet with a less toxic environment and a healthy lifestyle and notice what rewards you reap.