Join Dr Jo and Jill Raab, Health Coach, for an empowering four part course on Immune Strength.

It is so important to have good immune function at any time, never more important than now.
The 4 presentations cover:

  • the fundamental importance of the parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system and it’s strong relationship to the immune system
  • how to engage and activate the rest and digest system multiple times per day
  • which foods are beneficial or harmful to the immune system
  • where the majority of your immune system resides
  • which hormones affect your immune system and the effects they have on the body
  • the vitamins, minerals and essential fats our bodies require to maintain a strong immune system.

This 4 part course was recently delivered as a weekly 1 hour live presentation.  These recordings are now available to purchase here now.




The rest and digest (parasympathetic) nervous system

In part 1 we will cover this important system, how you can engage it on a daily basis and how it interacts with the immune system.


Good eating hygiene

Become empowered on the all important topic of eating hygiene and which foods are beneficial for the immune system. You will learn more about the importance of a healthy digestive system.


Good liver health in immune system function

In Module 3 we look at how certain hormones interact and affect the strength of the immune system and how intermittent fasting supports digestive health and immune function.


8 Top nutrients for immune strength

Our final module is all about important vitamins and minerals and essential fats our bodies need to function optimally, when considering immune strength.


Includes all 4 weekly video recordings plus bonus handouts.


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