“Coaching is a powerful (and necessary) bridge between good medicine and the true healing people seek”
Tracy Harrison
Director of The School of Applied Functional Medicine


At Braid Health we use a healthcare model of medical consultations and health coaching sessions.  Jill Raab, Health Coach, and Dr Braid are both extending their knowledge base through training with the The School of Applied Functional Medicine. 

Jill helps people move towards health and away from disease using whole food principles and lifestyle mind/body medicine that feels good to them.

Health coaching sessions with Jill Raab (in conjunction with consultations with Dr Braid) are highly recommended for better health outcomes.  For most clients, a minimum of 3 medical consultations over 3-10 months is required.


    During my many years of work as a general and emergency nurse, midwife and mother I have watched the growing tide of chronic disease escalate out of all proportion.

    My why crystallised a few years ago when, in response to an emergency call, I tended a young child with chest pain, who presented holding a red, sugary drink!  Her blood sugar level was that of a diabetic adult!  Shock, anger and sadness overwhelmed me.  I had already experienced many adults who were not able to connect their disease with lifestyle, but this was a toddler.
    It was in that moment I realised I wanted to find a way to help people discover the simple steps they can take to feel well again.
    My own health faltered on several occasions leading me to understand the part nutrition and lifestyle play in our well being. From asthma and chronic fatigue, to melanoma, osteoarthritis and thyroid disease I learned what it felt like for others.
    I became a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, studying with the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy .
    I am a mature, experienced professional who can understand your struggles.
    I speak from a personal journey of dis-ease, knowing the impact of lifestyle on health, success and wellbeing.
    Let me lighten your load as we explore the root causes of ill health together, helping you seek changes where a life of ease is yours and you fall in love with life again.

      Health Coaching Program

      One on one health coaching

      50 minute initial appointment with Jill Raab, Health Coach conducted by phone or video consultation.
      COST $150

      Then if you’d like to continue the program
      $130 per month for two 30 minute sessions.

      Please contact Jill at

      For appointments and enquiries, please contact us on